POS Bargains stands out for its commitment to its clients.

Choosing, installing, and managing your POS System should NOT be a headache. On the contrary: we think it should be exciting!

Those we work with are passionate about their businesses.

And we meet that passion with an equal level of expertise and desire to help take their businesses to even higher heights.

Here’s why POS Bargains deserves your attention:

customer support

Do you hate waiting on hold for 10-30 minutes or more for help?

POS Bargains gives you direct-line, live, US-based customer care… so you never have
to wait to get the service you need.

Specialized, business-driven
POS systems

We offer a full range of specific
equipment, software and technology that saves you money.

It also increases your
convenience, and nimbly adapts to any fluctuating business atmosphere.

Incredibly low pricing
for you

We beat the competition (Chase, Square, etc.) with far less overhead in comparison. Our ethics always highlight fairness to our  clients.

Plus, more than two decades of industry partnerships help us secure deals not available anywhere else.

Headquartered in
Ventura County, CA

We are happy to meet with you!

We will come and meet you either face-to-face or over Zoom, for tailored consultations, installations, and trainings for staff.

Invested in
your success

Our unique community and local economy demand a deep understanding of what makes our businesses tick. Working with us means investing in a company that knows exactly what you need to succeed, both
locally and beyond.

track record

We have provided eye-opening results for more than 2,000 unique businesses.

POS Bargains was founded by industry professionals so that businesses can have a one stop for all their Payroll, Accounting and Credit Card Processing needs.

Questions about how we work?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to
hearing from you!

What our clients said about us

“We use POS Bargains as our credit card processing provider and they have provided us impeccable service for the last 10 plus years. They have great customer support and as a BONUS they provide us with FREE receipt paper for our credit card machine.”

The Fish 'n' Fools ~ Granada Hills, CA

“My wife and I became business owners and inherited a credit card machine and service from the previous owner. That company was glad to take our money but offered little support when the machine went down. We contacted POS Bargains who was recommended by a family member and for the last 7 years we have had reliable service and great support.”

Golden Nugget Pub ~ Simi Valley, CA

Find out how our clients pay $0 in credit card processing fees!

Contact us now to see if you qualify for free POS Equipment while paying ZERO to process credit cards.

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