How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Restaurant

Restaurant point of sale (POS) systems are experiencing some of today’s most cutting-edge innovations in hospitality technology. Thanks to convenience being more of a priority than ever, a refreshed awareness of public health and wellness in the past few years, payment methods having gone through a revolution all on their own, and myriad other factors, modern restaurant POS systems are highly sophisticated.

However, like anything dining, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We’re here to go over what you need to consider when wondering how to choose the right POS system for your restaurant.

Factors of an Effective Restaurant POS System

The type of POS system you integrate into your restaurant depends on your venue, payment processing requirements, and priorities as a restaurant operator. If you’re a data-driven entrepreneur who hangs their hat on analyzing trends, financial reporting and performance analysis are critical capabilities you’ll need your POS system to grant you. If you switch up your offerings regularly, you’ll want a system that gives you control over menu alteration and inventory management.

Whether you’re running a local coffee shop, supplementing your premises with a food truck, or overseeing several fine-dining establishments, there are several key features to look for when choosing the right POS system for your restaurant:

  • Speedy interface: A lagging system won’t cut it on a slammed Friday or Saturday night. Many of the tablet systems today depend on your internet bandwidth speed. A local or hybrid system tends to be more reliable for a busy restaurant than an internet-based POS.
  • Easy to use: Placing orders, sending tickets to the kitchen, splitting checks, and reordering drinks are all tasks you want to be able to do with ease.
  • Inventory control: Quality POS systems have some inventory control built in. Most even have third-party integrations that can use more robust stock platforms designed to keep track of your product.
  • Dependable reporting: Point of sale systems should do the heavy lifting here. With a system that has cloud-based reporting, you’re able to remotely access pertinent financial or guest data.

POS Highlight: Clover for Full-Service Restaurants

If you’re looking to elevate your customer experience, streamline the online ordering process, or harness the power of customer data, look no further than Clover! Choosing the right POS system for your restaurant is made easy when you consider its several capabilities, including:

  • Real-time floor planning: Create a customized floor plan that reflects your one-of-a-kind layout, seat guests faster, and transfer orders between services with efficiency.
  • Connect front and back of house: Customize orders, fire them the moment guests place them, and make on-the-fly changes.
  • Payments made easy: Split the bill by individual or item and accept any type of payment for each!
  • Remote access: Use Clover’s dashboard to track sales, schedule shifts, run payroll, and so much more — from anywhere at all!

Are you ready to choose the best POS for your restaurant? Turn to POS Bargains! Our specialists will be happy to learn more about your restaurant business, goals, and beyond. For more information about all the industries we serve, contact us today!

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