Crafted with a variety of retailers in mind, the Clover POS can enhance business through a wide range of usage options. It can be used for both server-based and web-based preferences. Clover also provides hardware options, touch-free payments, and customizations for practically any business scenario.

Choosing Clover can help simplify inventory management, the monitoring of sales, and the entire payment process. Have a cash register or barcode scanner? Clover can step in to make all of that unnecessary moving forward. What is more, Clover POS seamlessly works with QuickBooks. It also features a time clock to manage when everyone comes in and exits the workplace.

Clover Station is the flagship offering from the POS system. It’s what many retailers immediately
gravitate to for its deep range of standard features and immense usability. Clover has recently
released the Station Pro, which builds on the Station with its customer-facing screen feature.
Both the Station and the Station Pro provide deep levels of security, including data tokenization
and fingerprint logins.

Wanting a POS that’s super portable? Strongly consider the Clover Flex. It weighs in at a single pound and features a five-inch screen, details that underscore its portability.

Think of it as a merge of a POS system with a credit card terminal.

A smaller rendition of the Clover Station POS system, the Clover Mini comes complete with an array of features despite its size.

Its USB hub, integrated QR reader, and on-screen signature capture allows the Mini to easily replace traditional POS options, with the added bonus of offering support for the newest types of payment interfaces and processes.


At first glance, the Talech POS System seems like a perfect fit primarily for restaurants and
other dining outlets.

Yet in fact, its impressive capacities let it work for virtually all retail environments. Its navigation is as smooth as can be.

New employees can pick up its workflow in quick order as well. It also comes with round-the-clock support at no additional cost to merchants.

NCR Silver

Those retailers in need of a POS option specifically for mobile payments will appreciate NCR Silver.

With this cloud-based system, business owners can handle transactions from devices like an iPhone in addition to traditional touchscreen terminals.

NCR Silver also offers social media features that make it simple to stay up to date with your clientele. Email templates that incorporate customer data are an added bonus.


Also cloud-based, Revel stands out for its data analytics feature which makes important tasks a breeze for retailers, including managing sales by the hour, navigating order history, and organizing summaries of payments and sales into handy graphs and reports.

Revel also grants business owners more control and security through passwords and unique user IDs.

The Revel POS system stands out for how sencilla. y accessible it is to learn. A bare minimum of training is needed to get new staff up to speed.


Ingenico also stands out as a very well-known name in the credit card terminal space. Its options work best for retailers of either small or medium size.

The company has aimed to support merchants in the creation of a multi-channel sales space that merges all payment platforms: online, mobile, and in-the-store.

What is more, Ingenico enjoys great relationships with a high number of financial institutions and their payment protocols.

The Desk series from Ingenico satisfies retailers who may feel overwhelmed with just how much needs to get done. This is because of how each option transforms the point-of-sale into a service-driven capacity, letting business owners manage apps on the sizable touchscreen.

Composed of the 5000, 3500, and 1500 models, every option in the desk series is compliant with future security protocol and allows for a multi-payment acceptance option, which greatly improves how customers feel when handling their checkout experiences.

Smaller-sized retailers that need excellent reporting back of house, as well as the ability to track  how their stores perform over time, will appreciate the Ingenico Desk 5000.

That all this works even when the business owner isn’t present in the store is a great plus.

Facing what feels like 1,000 of transactions each business day?

The Lane/3000 model is a pin-pad terminal that will dramatically speed up how you process payments. First off, it allows for a wide variety of payment options. It builds on this with an emphasis on touch-free payment via a special “card reader” zone.

Because it can features both standard y touch display options, customers move faster through checkout because of the greater ease in handling payment.

One version of the 3000 is geared toward multilane checkouts, while another version lets retailers upgrade to WiFi y Bluetooth.

Want to process credit card transactions but without the expense of a full-on POS?

The 3500 nicely comes to your rescue. You can think of it as a countertop terminal that can process card payments but skips the amenity range and pricing of a POS system.

Best of all, it can handle all types of card transactions, including those through a digital wallet or mobile app.


Retailers of all varieties – hospitality, convenience stores, gas stations and more — find themselves quite happy with PAX credit card terminals. Running on the Android, PAX terminals give businesses owners access to a massive index of applications.

Have an existing POS system?

PAX0s tech support will help you merge a PAX terminal with your current POS in a flash.

If y flexibilidad is a key decision point on your credit card terminal, seriously consider the Pax S-80 as a worthwhile option. It comes with strong standard features, like the ability to handle both
credit y debit cards.

But the Pax S-80 sweetens the pot with several unique additions, such as tip adjustment (handling the tip after the authorization) and “store and forward” technology.

This lets retailers take a payment even when there isn’t a connection on-hand to authorize the transaction. When a connection does kick in, the Pax S-80 will then settle the payment and its authorization.

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