With POS Bargains, you can get everything you need to run your business efficiently and successfully. No matter what kind of retailing operation you manage, whether it’s a marine dealer, bait and tackle shop, fishing store, or hunting outfitter, your new POS Bargains POS system is guaranteed to simplify operations and keep customers satisfied.

We provide the best POS systems and credit card processing for fishing tackle shops in California, built with the latest hardware technology and robust software features, with a goal to provide point of sale equipment at bargain prices.

Powerful Features

Manage your bait and tackle shop more efficiently than ever with time and money saving features so you can focus on keeping your customers happy.

The right fishing tackle shop POS system allows for more freedom and flexibility to take payments from a wide array of situations- exactly what is needed to enhance your bait shop’s merchant services and help your business grow and thrive.


Take full control of your business with sales reports created by your bait and tackle shop’s POS systems.

 POS systems can create sales reports that indicate what products/services sell best, and which promotions were most effective over a particular time span. Get the data that is most valuable to you so you can make smart business decisions.

Inventory Management

Bait shop POS systems can help you monitor stock levels with as little inventory waste as possible. POS Bargains offers bait and tackle shop systems that can also recommend order quantities in advance of your needs, eliminating over-portioning and letting you know what you should restock at the right time. 


Save Money

You don’t need to spend thousands on new POS software and hardware for your store.  No matter what kind of retailing operation you manage, whether it’s a marina, bait and tackle shop, or fishing store, with POS Bargains you get everything you need at the best rates.

 Our clients pay $0 in credit card processing fees! We offer different cost saving plans based on your specifications. POS Bargains offers solutions such as passing credit card processing fees to your customers. Contact us to see if you qualify for free POS equipment while paying ZERO to process credit cards.


Here at POS Bargains, it is our mission to offer you the best merchant services in California while pairing your business right POS system or credit card terminal that can give you more freedom and flexibility to take payments from a wide arrange of situations.

POS Bargains will pair you with the best POS system for your bait shop. We can guarantee the best credit card processing services for fishing tackle shops, exactly what is needed to help your business grow and thrive.

Contact us anytime with any questions or needs.

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