Credit Card Terminals

Where to Start and How They Work?

POS Bargains offers more than just top-of-the-line POS systems for your business.

We can also equip you with a credit card terminal to simplify and ease up payment processing for you.

But what exactly is a credit card terminal? And how is one different from a POS system? Let’s clarify it now.

A credit card terminal is a electronic device that processes electronic payments typically for face to face business owners.

However, terminals can also be used for manually entered transactions i.e., phone orders and other transactions in which a physical card is not present.

Identity theft and payment fraud continue to cause alarm these days. The right credit card terminal for you will give you peace of mind that payments are secure during all transactions.

Credit Card Terminals and Payment Security

Most credit card terminals you’ll run across emphasize security during the transaction process. EMV or “chip card” technology is an example of this.

Many credit card terminals are designed for smart cards in this way. They can also process contact-free payments and mobile payments, such as those from Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In sum, credit card terminals offer a trustworthy method of taking credit cards for payment.

Essentially, their main purpose is to accent these payments.

Popular Credit Card Terminals

Here’s an overview of well-known credit card terminals to consider:

Questions about which might be right for you?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and will help you discover the best solution for your business.

Which to Pick? A Credit Card Terminal or a POS System?

POS systems differ from credit card terminals in their fuller range of features and functions. On the whole, POS systems can not only process card payments, but also print receipts, track inventory, scan barcodes, and more.

Given all of this, which is right for you: a credit card terminal, or a POS system?

The answer boils down to where your business accepts payment from customers. Is your business on-the-go, requiring you to travel from customer to customer? If so, a credit card terminal might be best. It’s lightweight, easy to move quickly with, and doesn’t need to be

On the other hand, is your business situated in one primary location? Then you should go for a POS system. It will provide the full range of payment-processing functions you need, and customers can come to you in order to place a transaction.


First Data

Among credit card terminal companies, First Data heads the pack when it comes to brand recognition. First Data wields a great amount of variety and payment options for businesses of all sizes.

Because of the size of this company, it’s recommended that you engage with First Data through a trusted third party – like POS Bargains! — in order to secure the absolute best deal for your business or brand.

The FD150 has earned its popularity for its emphasis on convenience and speed during the transaction process. First Data has upped the level of security features for the FD150 as well.

For retailers who need to regularly process a high volume of payments, the FD150 is a strong choice to consider. It also provides easy merging with new payment technologies and mobile or touch-free payment options.

The Pin Pad from First Data is nifty for not needing its own power source; it connects through a USB through terminals approved by First Data. It handles credit cards, debit cads, gift cards, EBT payments and more with great ease.

For high-volume retailers, the Pin Pad uses ergonomic keys and a customer-friendly interface to move transactions along both accurately and quickly.


Ingenico also stands out as a very well-known name in the credit card terminal space. Its options work best for retailers of either small or medium size.

The company has aimed to support merchants in the creation of a multi-channel sales space that merges all payment platforms: online, mobile, and in-the-store.

What is more, Ingenico enjoys great relationships with a high number of financial institutions and their payment protocols.

The Desk series from Ingenico satisfies retailers who may feel overwhelmed with just how much needs to get done. This is because of how each option transforms the point-of-sale into a service-driven capacity, letting business owners manage apps on the sizable touchscreen.

Composed of the 5000, 3500, and 1500 models, every option in the desk series is compliant with future security protocol and allows for a multi-payment acceptance option, which greatly improves how customers feel when handling their checkout experiences.

Smaller-sized retailers that need excellent reporting back of house, as well as the ability to track  how their stores perform over time, will appreciate the Ingenico Desk 5000.

That all this works even when the business owner isn’t present in the store is a great plus.

Facing what feels like 1,000 of transactions each business day?

The Lane/3000 model is a pin-pad terminal that will dramatically speed up how you process payments. First off, it allows for a wide variety of payment options. It builds on this with an emphasis on touch-free payment via a special “card reader” zone.

Because it can features both standard and touch display options, customers move faster through checkout because of the greater ease in handling payment.

One version of the 3000 is geared toward multilane checkouts, while another version lets retailers upgrade to WiFi and Bluetooth.

Want to process credit card transactions but without the expense of a full-on POS?

The 3500 nicely comes to your rescue. You can think of it as a countertop terminal that can process card payments but skips the amenity range and pricing of a POS system.

Best of all, it can handle all types of card transactions, including those through a digital wallet or mobile app.


Retailers of all varieties – hospitality, convenience stores, gas stations and more — find themselves quite happy with PAX credit card terminals. Running on the Android, PAX terminals give businesses owners access to a massive index of applications.

Have an existing POS system?

PAX0s tech support will help you merge a PAX terminal with your current POS in a flash.

If flexibility is a key decision point on your credit card terminal, seriously consider the Pax S-80 as a worthwhile option. It comes with strong standard features, like the ability to handle both
credit and debit cards.

But the Pax S-80 sweetens the pot with several unique additions, such as tip adjustment (handling the tip after the authorization) and “store and forward” technology.

This lets retailers take a payment even when there isn’t a connection on-hand to authorize the transaction. When a connection does kick in, the Pax S-80 will then settle the payment and its authorization.


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Golden Nugget Pub ~ Simi Valley, CA

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